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2010 Watch: Fundraising

President Obama’s first fundraiser set for March 25:

March 16 (Bloomberg) — President Barack Obama will headline the first fundraiser of his presidency this month, appealing to donors large and small even as the economy struggles through the worst recession in generations.

Obama’s appearance at the Democratic National Committee’s March 25 event at the Warner Theatre in Washington, with tickets ranging from $100 to $2,500 per person, will be an early test of his ability to keep up the record-breaking fundraising he achieved during the campaign.

That may be difficult. While the president’s approval rating remains above 60 percent in most polls, the U.S. is mired in the most severe financial crisis since the Great Depression. Those circumstances may close some checkbooks and force Obama to tone down his partisan appeals for cash at a time when he is trying to persuade Americans he is focused on fixing the economy.


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