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2012 2009/10 Watch: Gov. Barbour

Sound advice from Governor Barbour of Mississippi:

Q: We’ve been talking about the role Republican governors can play in rebuilding the party. How long is that going to take?

A: It was certainly unusual that Republicans, in 1992, lost the White House, with our candidate for president receiving the lowest percentage of the vote of any Republican candidate since 1912, and in two years having the majority in both houses of Congress and 31 governors. That is not the norm. But it shows it can be done.

It’s why I tell everybody, don’t talk about 2012. The elections that matter for Republicans are in 2009 and ‘10.1993 paved the way for the 1994 congressional election.

The other thing that’s a fact is only once since 1896 has a party won the White House from the other party and only kept it four years. So history.favors the Democrats but then again, we’re in unprecedented times in many, many ways.

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