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In 2016, No One Should Be Proud of an Orderly Convention

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For approximately twenty minutes this afternoon, the GOP convention degenerated into chaos. Good. On an otherwise sad day, it was heartening to see so many conservatives refusing to consent to the destruction of their party. In a strange way, it as also oddly affirming to see the rump GOP establishment beclown itself once again — demonstrating that Donald Trump and the GOP political class are a match made in heaven. Whoever said that the raw exercise of power required competence?

But if the Democrats are smirking about the predicted peace of their own convention, they shouldn’t. Indeed, it should dishearten good-faith liberals that there is no meaningful “Dump Hillary” movement and no consequential “Never Hillary” dissent from leading progressive thinkers. That means the Democratic Party has made its peace with a woman who lies habitually, uses her Wall Street connections as her own personal ATM, is (best case) “extremely careless” with classified information, and has a disturbing practice of making favorable decisions on behalf Clinton Foundation donors. 

The GOP has nominated the only serious contender who’s likely to lose to Hillary. The Democrats have nominated the only serious contender who has a chance to lose to Trump. We’re watching a race to the bottom of American political competence and integrity. Those who stood and shouted “no” today on the Republican convention floor shouldn’t hang their heads. And Democrats should take no solace in their discipline. Now is a time for dissent. Unity is for sellouts.


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