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‘25 Years of Blowing the Whistle on Immigration B.S.’

It is, amazingly enough, the 25th anniversary of NRO. We’re up with a webathon around this epochal event, and I have the first entry on how we’ve been on the ramparts on immigrant lo this quarter of a century:

Yes, indeed, it’s been a quarter century of exceptional writing, exacting argumentation, memorable wit, intramural debate, and unremitting opposition to and merciless mockery of stupid and noxious ideas.

It’s the latter I was thinking about the other day when we were publishing wall-to-wall coverage of the debacle at Del Rio.

Haven’t we been here before, I asked myself? (It was, I readily admit, a rhetorical question.)

The answer, of course, is that we have, over and over.

There are many things that we have been consistent about here for the past 25 years, whether it’s abortion, guns, family, government spending, or our constitutional order.

But immigration is right up there. We have been a reliable and sometimes lonely voice of reason on this issue for a very long time, which is one reason I’d like to ask that you support our 25th-anniversary webathon.


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