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The 300

Has a new — new to me at least — theatrical trailer. You can find it here , after poking around a bit.

Oh, I forgot to say: “Oh, yes, I will see this.”

Update: From a reader:

So I watched the very cool trailer for 300, closed the link, and got to work editing children’s programming.

Welcome to Monday.

Me: Oh come on. This should be great inspiration. Just off the top of my head.

Elmo Voiceover: Be afraid! The thousand bureaucrats of the PBS system will descend upon you! Sesame Street shall burn to the ground.

Cut to Bert: “This is blasphemy! This is madness!”

Cookie Monster: “Madness? This…is…SESAME STREET!” Cookie Monster then kicks Bert down into Oscar the Grouch’s garbage can. “Muppet Monsters! Tonight we dine in Hell! Or the Corporation for Public Broadcasting — whichever we find first!”

I’m telling you the kids will love it!

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