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Ralph Peters:

Spain has not only taken a firm stand against domestic terrorism, but joined the global War on Terror as an equal partner. The most striking strategic moment of Operation Iraqi Freedom wasn’t the opening salvo lighting up Baghdad, but the Azores summit before the war began. The three boldest leaders of Western civilization stood shoulder to shoulder: President Bush, the valiant Tony Blair and Prime Minister Aznar – in many ways the bravest of the three.

On the eve of war, Aznar faced a situation much like the one FDR faced between 1939 and Dec. 7, 1941. FDR knew that we had to join the fight, but the American people didn’t appear ready to accept that necessity. Aznar went FDR one better. He ignored the political torpedoes – a majority of Spaniards didn’t support sending their troops to Iraq – and did what he saw as essential for the future of his own country and our common civilization.

Aznar risked all politically to do the right thing.

As a result, the forces of international terror want vengeance against Spain.


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