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Yale Divinity School Abandons Actual Messiah, Invites Fake One for Lecture Series

Only the Ivy League could come up with something so stupid. Take note of Lecturer #1:

Yes, that Deray Mckesson. According to Yale Divinity School’s blog:

YDS is launching its new program in Transformational Leadership for Church and Society this fall.

The program—one of the first major steps in the implementation of the school’s new strategic plan—aims to impart leadership skills and inspiration to students at YDS and across the university. The one-credit courses (for which Yale registration is required) revolve around two-day weekend interactions with the guest lecturers; students will do extensive preparatory readings and then write papers following the weekend events. . . .

William Goettler, associate dean at YDS and the organizer of the new series, said the courses will supplement students’ academic work with workshop-style experiences designed to cultivate their leadership skills and imagination.

“The Divinity School recognizes our responsibility to form leaders for church and society,” Goettler said. “We do that very successfully in the academic realm. This new program will augment that through engagement with significant leaders who will come and tell their stories, present case studies, and engage leadership theory. Going forth from these courses, students will be more intellectually prepared and professionally equipped to be transformational leaders.”

Mckesson’s “activism,” you may recall, consists primarily of using “whiteness” as an all-purpose label for everything he does not like, and peddling unfounded conspiracy theories about murders by police.

So the program might promote “imagination,” after all.


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