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50 First Dates with Amnesty

In 50 First Dates, Drew Barrymore, injured in an accident, wakes up every morning thinking it’s the day of the accident, with no awareness of the crash or the the passage of time. (I couldn’t just keep making Groundhog Day references, could I?)

Today’s amnesty-pushers seem to have woken up with no recollection of anything that happened before them. Exhibit One is Senator Rubio. It’s bad enough that he’s proposing as new the same immigration plan that’s been offered repeatedly for a decade, imagining it to be somehow different. But worse is this from last week’s interview with the New York Times:

In a meeting in New York with reporters and editors of The New York Times, Mr. Rubio said that any broad immigration legislation should create a nationwide exit system to check foreigners out of the country, to confirm that they left before their visas expired. He noted that at least 40 percent of an estimated 11 million illegal immigrants in the country came on legal visas but then overstayed.

Helloooooo!? Congress already required the creation of a “nationwide exit system to check foreigners out of the country” — in 1996. This fact alone renders not credible the promises that any new amnesty bill will include meaningful enforcement measures. If 17 years after enactment a vital enforcement tool is still not functional, how could anyone believe that enforcement provisions in an amnesty bill will be implemented once the amnesty part is out of the way? And when there are another 11 million illegal aliens in, say, 2023, which office do we go to get our amnesty back?


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