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That $50K to Italy

Apparently, the initial $50K is all the bureaucracy can muster immediately. More is on the way. My initial post was apparently unfair to Obama. Though I think Obama’s communications team did not serve him — or America — well.

Update: An e-friend sent this earlier, I’m only seeing it now:

Now, now. Don’t let’s get as silly as the Left did when the Bush Admin made

a fairly low initial pledge of $15 million in aid for victims of the Asian

tsunami. At first people screamed about how little we were ponying up. But

of course, the first amount announced was just the first big jolt of ready

cash. In the end, we contributed vastly more–$350 million, I believe. The

same will happen here, no doubt. So please cut the Obama administration

some slack.

Update II: A reader asks:

If Italy accepts their bailout money, will Obama have the power to remove Berlusconi?

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