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55 Percent of americans Say Government Has Too Much Influence Over Our Lives

A new Reason Foundation poll finds that a majority of people believe that the government has too much influence on their lives (so do I). Here are other results:

  • 55 percent of Americans say federal government has too much influence over their lives 

  • 67 percent say it’s not government’s responsibility to reduce income differences between Americans

  • 61 percent say income inequality is an acceptable part of America’s economic system 

  • 59 percent of voters believe all Americans have equal opportunities to succeed 

  • 68 percent willing to accept some cuts to Medicare benefits if they get back what they pay in

  • 45 percent wish Congress would pass even fewer laws than it does now

  • 70 percent of Americans are in favor of auditing the Federal Reserve

The whole thing is here.

Unfortunately, considering the current trend in government spending, regulation, and monetary policy, it could get much worse; I suggest we start shrinking the government right now before things get out of hand.


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