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The 60s, The Real Me Decade?

From a viewer of WYP:


It’s always interesting to me (an aging boomer) to observe

discussions of what the 60′s were all about, and what it was like

during that period, when, of course, what the 60′s were like depends

entirely on ones own experience of the 60′s.

I grew up in a poor section of Los Angeles in a working/lower class

family in the 50′s, was married, raising a family, and working

throughout the 60′s.  When I finally went to college in the late

70′s/early 80′s and was required to read textbooks describing America

in that woeful decade, I found them hilarious.  They seemed to be

written, mostly, by grown up East coast “rich kids” who described an

America that could have been on Mars for all I found

recognizable.  Never-the-less, they had not a doubt that what they

described was all of America as it truly was.

People I knew were mostly other working class young marrieds who

laughed together at what a bunch of feckless morons the

average  “demonstrator” (whatever the cause) was.  Of course, that

was early on in the cycle when they were still amusing.  As the

decade wore on (seemingly forever) they became less an amusement and

more of a constant irritant and inconvenience.  Many of my friends

who went to college during that time grew weary of having classes

disrupted and cancelled, and of having to try to avoid tear gas

clouds when going from one class to the next.  Talk amongst us began

to occasionally turn to how gratifying it would be to beat sensless

some of the more obnoxious examples of the beloved “counter culture”;

but, of course, and alas, no one I knew ever did.  Now that I am

getting to almost relive some of the vexations of those times caused

by a lot of the same people regurgitating the same simple minded

cliches I became so tired of, I often wish I had availed myself of

the opportunity.

It is so laughable to hear folks laud my generation for its

“selflessness” and “open-mindedness”.  I knew and lived amongst those

people.  The thing that marks them most in my memory was their almost

total self-absorption and intolerance of anyone who did not agree

with everything that they believed.  And they HATED mightily.  And

literally.  They hated the middle class, they hated the police, they

hated LBJ and then Nixon, they hated the military, they hated

American culture.  Those were the folks that put bumper stickers on

their VW busses that said “I love mankind, it’s people I hate”.  And

they were so stupid that they didn’t know what they were saying about


The saddest thing may be that many of them (who now make up most of

the leadership of the Democrat party) haven’t seemed to have learned

a thing after seeing the actual fruits of their ideology come to

pass.  No, I take that back…I actually believe they have seen and

learned from viewing the consequences of their ideology.  They just

won’t admit it, and they don’t care about the consequences.

I enjoy and appreciate your work greatly.  I began subscribing to

NRODT in its early years, and now NRO is my main and irreplaceable

daily read.  I just wish you and Ann Coulter could play nice together.

Thanks for all your hard work,


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