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I’m with Jonah. Newt is wont to say insane things every now and again because he is bombastic by nature and you get the sense that he is trying (often much too hard) to fulfill the “Big Ideas” image he has crafted over the years. Mitt, however, says dumb things — not grandiose, but dumb — in an off-handed way that makes you think he is just not attuned to how they will strike the average listener. You can get away with this trait when you have a 65:1 advantage in the ad war against underfunded, disorganized opposition. [Hat tip Erick Erickson.] But Romney is not going to have that against Obama. And while the president’s own gaffes are many, he’s going to have the media suppressing them while they play Romney’s to the hilt. It may be the hand we’re dealt, and it’s very worrisome. 


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