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70 Wis. Unions Decertify Under New Voting Requirement

Members of 70 education-sector unions in Wisconsin, including one of its largest teachers’ unions, voted not to reauthorize under the state’s new collective-bargaining reforms. The reforms triggered Governor Scott Walker’s recall election, which he won.

The MacIver Institute found that 19 of the units were teachers’ unions, including the union in the Kenosha Unified School District, the state’s third-largest. The remaining 51 unions represented school support staff and substitute teachers.

Wisconsin has a total of 408 collective-bargaining unions associated with education, meaning about one-fifth failed to recertify under the reform’s new provision. Under Act 10, public-sector unions must hold annual votes for recertification that require 50 percent of its members — not 50 percent of voters — to authorize it. Union members were given three weeks to vote via a telephone voting system.

Via The Weekly Standard.


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