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997,000 Moms Short

The Million Mom March came up a bit short according to the Washington Post: “The rally lacked the star power, and certainly the numbers, of the first Million Mom March in 2000, when hundreds of thousands of women flooded the Mall on Mother’s Day. Organizers this time put the crowd at close to 3,000, a figure that could not be confirmed because police no longer estimate crowd sizes.”

Now this is why when I launch an activist group it will be called something like “The Bunch of Dudes Hang Out For [Blank].” Or “More Than A Few Folks For [Whatever].” That way, our crowd size will always meet the advertised number. For example,

“The Bunch of Dudes Hang Out For Cheaper Beer organizers said they were very pleased with their turnout this weekend on the Mall. The police would not hazard an official estimate, but Police Chief Ramsey conceded “Clearly, this was a bunch of dudes hanging out for cheaper beer. They behaved quite responsibily, though a few were surly and lazy when we asked them to leave the Mall and take their ‘I drink cheap beer and I vote’ signs with them.”


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