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A Cult Dressed Up as Science

That is how Jenin Younes describes the ZeroCovid movement in this AIER article.

It’s scary enough that people like those she describes are intent on eradicating COVID-19, no matter the cost. They are the purveyors of “the science” that so enthralls Biden, Pelosi, and the whole leftist crowd. What’s even more frightening is that the approach to COVID is exactly how “progressives” mean to control society generally.

She writes, “Another noteworthy contributor to the ZeroCovid Summit was Michael Baker, the architect of New Zealand’s coronavirus strategy. Baker insisted that “following the science” indisputably leads to the ZeroCovid strategy, as though science alone informs policy. He made several stunning admissions, among which are that containment should also be the strategy for influenza, and that the coronavirus pandemic has given us the opportunity to reset in order to address inequities in society and threats posed by climate change. In other words, Baker does not foresee a return to normal life.”

Read the whole thing.

Ever since the days of Woodrow Wilson, American “progressives” (I feel compelled to use scare quotes because the accurate label for them is statist) have yearned for the day when they could eradicate individual liberty in favor of a scientifically managed economy. Remember that Wilson was a foe of free speech that undermined his war efforts. Today’s “progressives” are no different. They want control and will use any excuse to take it.

If we want to preserve a truly liberal society, we need to resist.

George Leef is the the director of editorial content at the James G. Martin Center for Academic Renewal.


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