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A Deft DeVos Delay

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos speaks with students at the Smithsonian museum in March. (Reuters photo: Joshua Roberts)

It’s being reported that today Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos will announce a delay in the implementation of an Obama-era rule involving minority students and special education. The Left is unhappy with this, but the delay and request for further comments is well-advised.

Among other problems, the proposed rule is designed to pressure schools into achieving a politically correct racial and ethnic balance in the students in special-education programs, but such quotas are both unconstitutional and bad policy. And the bad policy includes the fact, noted by both sides of the aisle, that minority students who ought to be in special-education programs will not be admitted because “too many” students with their skin color or national origin are in them in a particular school system.

The delay is an outgrowth, by the way, of the Trump administration’s willingness to reconsider dubious regulations generally. Good job.

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