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A Dozen Things That Caught My Eye: Francesca Kaczynski Will Save Lives & More

1. Andrew Kaczynski: My baby daughter died of brain cancer. Here’s what we can do to save other kids.

2. Gunmen kidnap 317 girls from school in northern Nigeria in latest mass kidnapping to hit region

3. Yazidi girl, 7, rescued from captors in Turkey

4. Vaccine lotteries and personal appeals: The medically vulnerable find their priority status slipping away

5. Combating an Ideology of ‘Choice’: Carter Snead Offers Remedy for US Moral Crisis 

Watch my recent conversation with Carter on his book, What It Means to Be Human, here:



7. Is A Child Allowance Pro-Work for Poor Parents?

Gina was an assistant general manager at a fast food restaurant making a salary of $40,000 before the pandemic shut down her three children’s daycare in March of last year. Without family or other child care, she took a leave of absence, which was reported as “voluntary” to unemployment, so she says she has not received any unemployment compensation, and that because her bank account was handed over to debt collections neither did she receive the second stimulus check.

“I used to work my a** off. And then I lost everything when COVID hit. Since then I live off the government,” Gina told me. Her rent in public housing went down to zero and she relies on churches and friends to pay her other bills. “If the pandemic had never happened I would still be right where I’m at doing what I’m supposed to be doing every single day. The pandemic completely destroyed my life.”

8. Rush Limbaugh: The Original Cancel Culture Target

He canceled cancel culture three hours a day for 33 years, and he did it with “half his brain tied behind his back, just to keep it fair.”

9. Arthur Brooks says: Go Ahead and Fail

10. St. Joseph in art: An enigmatic and elusive figure

11. Fast-food fish sandwiches ranked for Lent 2021

12. For those long-timers who remember the “Star Trek ban” here:


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