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A Great Anti-Communist Flick

It’s rarely available on the boob tube, but since Turner Classic Movies has dedicated several nights in January to the films of Elia Kazan, it has aired Man on a Tightrope, his 1953 film (to me, a classic) based on Neil Paterson’s 1952 novel about a Czech circus escaping to the West from behind the Iron Curtain. It stars Fredric March, Gloria Grahame, and charter NR subscriber Adolphe Menjou (here’s a scene in which Menjou plays the Commie bureaucrat who gets consumed by the secret police). It’s one of Kazan’s lesser-known films, but one of the few that Hollywood made that directly focuses on the despair and bleakness of a Workers’ Paradise. As a film it has its flaws, but one any conservative should want to see — and if you have TCM on your cable system, you have a few days left to catch it on demand.

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