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A Hung Parliament Is Still Possible, British Pollsters Say

The director of YouGov, a British polling firm, has told the Times of London that, according to most recent numbers, “we cannot rule out a hung parliament.” From the Times:

The tightening of the race is reflected in the poll’s voting intention figures, which put the Conservatives on 43 per cent, Labour on 34, the Lib Dems on 12 and the Brexit Party on 3.

This shows that the Tory lead has narrowed from 11 to 9 points since the weekend and reveals that voters are as concerned about the NHS as Brexit. Mr Johnson’s personal ratings have taken a knock amid the fallout from his refusal to look at a picture of a four-year-old boy on a hospital floor.

I wrote about Johnson’s NHS media blunder yesterday. Johnson is right not to be complacent. “Everybody remembers what happened a couple of years ago and everyone knows polls can be wrong,” the prime minister said on Good Morning Britain.

In an election like this, every vote counts.


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