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Chair of the White House Counsel for Economic Advisors, Kevin Hassett, sits down for a conversation with National Review Institute fellow Ramesh Ponnuru at the 2019 National Review Institute Ideas Summit.

Ramesh still hasn’t gotten the SCOTUS appointment he deserves, but I hope it’s some consolation that, beginning in January, he will take over editing the print magazine. I will remain editor-in-chief superintending our overall editorial policy and our official editorial positions. I will focus some more on strategic matters that are hard to concentrate on when pulled in multiple directions, but I’m not in any way pulling back from NR, pursuing new endeavors, or spending more time with family, as they say. As our readers know, Ramesh is a brilliant and exacting writer and thinker. We can’t be more delighted that he will soon be (for those keeping count) only the fourth editor of our storied little magazine.


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