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A Movie I Expect To Skip

There is a new film coming about a famous American, born 70-odd years ago, who was an insufferable child of privilege with a half-serious interest in public affairs, who created a ridiculous public persona around a phony populist shtick, and who made a lucrative career out of giving public figures childishly demeaning nicknames. It is truly a shame that Molly Ivins did not live long enough to see Donald Trump take her act to its logical conclusion.

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Law & the Courts

The Real Reason for That Kavanaugh Smear

The New York Times on Saturday joined The New Yorker and many other media outlets in upending a dumpster full of garbage on its own reputation in an effort to smear Brett Kavanaugh. After more than a year of digging, the Democrats and their media allies still have no supported allegations of sexual misconduct by ... Read More
Politics & Policy

CNN: Everything but the News

For a while, we thought MSNBC had temporarily usurped CNN as the font of fake news — although both networks had tied for the most negative coverage (93 percent of all their news reports) of President Trump’s first 100 days in office. A cynic would argue that CNN had deliberately given Trump undue coverage ... Read More