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A Religious Center-Left

Politico’s Gabby Orr highlights a “groundswell of religious support” for Joe Biden among Catholics and white evangelicals and notes it as a significant development which “may have been the difference in [Trump’s] loss.” Orr reports that “nationally, the president carried white Catholics by a 15-point margin, according to AP/VoteCast data, marking a significant decline from his 33-point margin of victory over Hillary Clinton four years ago,” and that while “Trump’s slippage with white evangelicals was less pronounced. . . it had far-reaching implications for the president in states like Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Georgia, where current vote totals show him losing by less than 1 percent.”

This trend is worth keeping an eye on. Until now, most pundits have assumed that committed Catholics and Evangelicals comprise one homogeneous electoral bloc, i.e. “the religious Right.” However, it may well be that Joe Biden’s ascent will be accompanied by an increasingly visible and organized religious center-left.