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A Vote for Democrats Is a Vote for the Culture of Death

Virginia Governor Ralph Northam speaks during a news conference at the Governori’s Mansion in Richmond, Va., February 2, 2019. (Jay Paul/Reuters)

It is a sad fact of contemporary political life in the USA that the Democratic party pushes killing as an acceptable answer to human problems, e.g., the culture of death. Consider this very partial list:

  • The New Jersey Legislature, Democratic controlled, just passed legislation legalizing assisted suicide. The Democratic governor promises to sign the bill. (Promoting some suicides promotes suicide.)
  • The Democratic New York Legislature legalized — and applauded — late-term abortion, signed into law by a Democratic governor. The new law even removed the consent requirement for abortion to be legal and the mandate that babies who survive abortion be properly cared for medically.
  • The Democratic-controlled House in Vermont passed a bill — by 106-37! — that transforms abortion into an absolute right without limit as to time, method, or purpose  — a bill that would also explicitly strip embryos and fetuses of any rights that a born person need respect, which has portentous meaning well beyond the abortion issue. The bill may well pass the Senate.
  • California’s Democratic-controlled state government has legalized assisted suicide, made it so that abortionists don’t have to even be doctors, and tried to stifle Crisis Pregnancy Center first amendment rights by forcing them to advertise where abortions could be procured — later declared unconstitutional by the U.S. Supreme Court.
  • The Democrats in the U.S. Senate all voted to block the Born Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act, a bill that would simply require babies who survive abortion to be cared for like any other born baby.
  • The Democratic governor of Virginia — a pediatric neurologist! — infamously supported a (failed — the VA Legislature is Republican) late-term abortion authorizing bill and added the bill would permit born babies to be neglected to death after a conversation with the mother.

When infanticide becomes respectable, we have really swallowed the nihilism.

Democrats unanimously at the national level — and overwhelmingly at the local level — believe in culture-of-death policies. That puts the rare remaining pro-life Democrats in a real conundrum. Vote their party and even if their own legislator does not swallow the hemlock, there is little doubt that the party’s leadership will.

Those who oppose the COD — but find President Trump so beyond the pale they vow to vote Democrat to teach Republicans a lesson” — need to carefully ponder whether the time has come to rethink their priorities. Lives are at stake. Once legal, COD policies come to be seen as rights and become more difficult to uproot than juniper trees. Is extracting the vulgarian really worth that?

If you vote for the culture of death, you become part of the culture of death. Complicity is not a stain that washes off easily.

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