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The Aaron Brown Sandwich

I must admit I like Aaron Brown. My affection stems from watching his newscast on a regular basis. In the wake of my piece on the media’s torture-tape blackout in which I coin the “Aaron Brown doctrine,” Brown writes to NRO that “there was a point in my career when I would have considered success having a sandwich named after me at a good deli.” This raises all sorts of interesting possibilities.

Certainly the Aaron Brown sandwich would be on rye bread, for the wry delivery on display in his letter and that endears his fans–of which I’m one–to his newscasts. There would have to be ham between those two rye slices; as his gracious and good-natured letter makes clear, Brown has a sense of humor. And that ham would have to go with Swiss cheese, for all the logical holes in his response to my media criticism. I’ll be heading up to the Stage Deli on 7th Avenue later shortly and will recommend they add the “Aaron Brown” to their extensive list.


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