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Abc Says, “What Poll?”

MRC’s Brent Baker reports ABC News suppressed its poll conducted after Saddam Hussein’s capture which showed a ten point jump in approval for how President Bush is handling the situation in Iraq and a 4 point up tick in his overall approval rating, with Peter Jennings not uttering a syllable about it on Monday night. (Tim Russert told Brokaw about the latest NBC poll on air Monday night.)

The poll only came up on ABC yesterday on Good Morning America, when Claire Shipman observed: “And look, this is a personal victory and a political coup for President Bush, but interestingly, Americans are still very cautious. ABC News has a new poll out today that shows most Americans don’t believe Saddam’s capture means the job is done there; in fact, far from it. So I think six months from now, if you still see exploding violence there, if the situation isn’t stabilized, Saddam’s victory [sic] is not going to seem decisive for this administration.”

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