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ABC Swoons: 50 Ways to Celebrate Michelle Obama’s Birthday

In preparation for the first lady’s 50th birthday on Saturday, ABC News has served up a fawning list 50 ways to celebrate the occasion.

It highlights Michelle Obama’s most memorable and glamorous moments. Below, ten examples from the list, which you can read in full here:

‐Dance to Beyonce

‐Move into a massive new house with your family and invite your mother to move in too

‐Make the cover of Vogue

‐Buy a Jason Wu dress

‐Hang out with your friend, Oprah

‐Roll your eyes at House Speaker John Boehner or the Danish prime minister

‐Hug, kiss and fist bump the President of the United States

‐​Travel the world on Air Force One

‐​Dine at Spiagga in Chicago

‐​Hang out in Hawaii for an extra week as an early birthday gift

Meanwhile, the first lady has also found one more way to celebrate:

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