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This ABC Thing

My basic view is, a pox on everybody. The Democratic Party embraced Michael Moore’s movie at the highest levels. Daschle hugged Moore at the premiere. Carter invited him to sit with him at the convention. Etc Etc. Are they claiming that F9/11 is more accurate than the ABC miniseries? If so, I’d like to hear them say it. At the same time, when, CBS tried to come out with that Reagan biopic, conservatives howled in outrage and got CBS to drop it. Why shouldn’t liberals have a go at the same thing? Of course, during the Reagan brouhaha liberals got their panties in a knot about how it was “censorship” and a horrifying example of conservative bullying when the Right succeeded. Now, it seems many of the same liberals are cheering as the former President of the United States is trying to bully ABC into dropping the miniseries. Nobody looks good in this one.