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ABC Veteran on Stephanopoulos

If you were wondering what a former editor of small newspapers thought about the George Stephanopoulos situation, you have my piece from today.

If you were wondering what a top reporter who spent 15 years at ABC thinks, I give you Chris Harper

During the 15 years we worked for ABC News we remember that we had to sign a yearly disclosure of gifts worth more than $25 and contributions. Perhaps these documents no longer exist in the muddled world of TV news.

We have frequently written about ethical standards, or lack thereof, in the media. After The Rolling Stone and NBC debacles, we emphasized the need for accuracy and transparency rather than objectivity, fairness, balance and neutrality. For more details, see

We hope the contribution story has legs. It’s time we look behind the curtain.

Harper’s roundup of other media opinion is worth the read. 

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