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Abolish Nro

Sincerest apologies for the severe, repulsive mangling of John Derbyshire’s prose today on NRO. If you read it before about now, you, well, could not read it. That is the fault of one Kathryn Lopez and such a thing will not happen again. This is not the first time there has been cyber-homicide done due to bad KJL coding in a Derbyshire column. Lopez will be replaced with Cosmo or Boris immediately if it ever happens, in a clause, in a footnote again. (The worst thing about this, too, is he sent this column last week, and I was holding it to give him a fun abolish Congress art spot–and he got this debut instead.)

In a note on longer-term administrative and readability matters, such things really are at an end–of late we are updating some of our equipment, and working with a few more talented core staff (always doing double-duty with NRODT)–the creative assembly line should be a well-oiled machine before long. You would still be shocked to see a day in the life of NRO, I think–let’s just say we make excellent use of limited resources–but everyday our goal is that you’ll have no reason to NOTICE such things. Please forgive me when, like this morning, you do.


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