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The Abominable White House Correspondents Dinner: Why Attend?

Some Democrats are suggesting they may boycott the Select Committee on Benghazi, a not-so-subtle signal to their friends in the media that the Committee’s hearings should be covered as nothing more than a baseless Republican witch hunt that should otherwise receive scant media attention. Since the media’s already predisposed to do just that, a boycott seems like overkill.

If Democrats insist on shirking their oversight responsibilities by boycotting a committee looking into the gross negligence, lies, failure to respond to subpoenas, and cover-up related to a terrorist attack on an under-secured U.S. consulate resulting in the deaths of four Americans, the least Republicans could do is henceforth decline to attend the Democrat/liberal love fest known as the White House Correspondents Dinner — an affair Mark Leibovich rightly describes as “an abomination.”

Republicans never seem to get that all of the jokes at the affair are on them. They look like high-school nerds, so happily amazed to have been invited to the cool kids’ house party that they’re oblivious to the fact that the sole purpose for the invitation is so the cool kids can make fun of them and later dunk their heads in the john.

The dinner is touted as harmless fun. Fine. But why enable the enablers? Why validate their evident bias and corruption? The press corps has done the White House’s heavy lifting on burying not just Benghazi, but the IRS scandal, the serial catastrophes of Obamacare, and the various calamities masquerading as a foreign policy — doing little more than acting as brick masons for the Most Transparent Administration in History’s ubiquitous stone walls. To help celebrate the unseemly relationship between the White House and the media is not just masochistic, it helps erode any remaining confidence people have in the integrity of our political institutions.

The White House Correspondents Dinner has become a gross and garish display of inside-the-beltway incestuousness. Republicans/conservatives should finally confirm that the gala is nothing more than a Democrat/ liberal insiders’ celebration, by finding something more productive — and less slimy — to do that night.



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