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Abortion, Morality, Kerry

From a reader:


I’m an ex-Jesuit, and a still-devout Catholic.

Let’s be clear about what Catholicism actually believes. John Kerry is the

second worst public spokesman for Catholicism, right behind JFK.

Catholics don’t oppose abortion because it conflicts with some uniquely

Catholic teaching, like the rules for being a godparent. No Catholic expects

the internal rules for godparenting to apply universally to everyone, just

because we say so. If we did, then Kerry has a legitimate point. But

Catholics oppose abortion, and we expect others to oppose it also, because

it violates humanity.

Now one may argue that it doesn’t violate a basic human principle, and

that’s a fair argument. But the point here is that when Catholics oppose

abortion, they aren’t imposing anything Catholic on anyone. Instead, we’re

arguing for fellow humans to oppose abortion on moral grounds which apply to


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