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Abortion Mypoia

Liberal bloggers have seized on this bit from the Reuters story breaking the news of of Bristol Palin’s child:

Bristol Palin made the decision on her own to keep the baby, McCain aides said.

Just for example, Matt Yglesias writes: 

Why shouldn’t every woman continue to enjoy the choices that Bristol Palin has? And more to the point, if women shouldn’t be allowed to choose then why does McCain’s campaign think it’s important to emphasize her agency in this process? By his own lights, McCain should be totally indifferent to whether Bristol chose this course of action or was pressured into it by her mother. McCain’s view is that he should make the choice for her and for every other pregnant woman in the country.

Did it not occur to Yglesias and others that the choice they could be referring to is keeping the child or putting it up for adoption? That’s one very real option women do have in the case of unplanned pregnacies, and yet most pro-choicers act as if abortion is the only choice.


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