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At the Movies with Bobby J.

There’s been some comment of late about Bobby Jindal, and I’d like to add some of my own. As I’ve said before, I love the guy — even when he’s pretending to be a populist boob, in an effort to keep up with Trump. (Indeed, the entire GOP primary process may be thought of as one giant boob-off.)

Here is a story that lifted my heart: Abortion supporters protested outside the governor’s mansion in Baton Rouge. (What do they have to protest about, by the way? This country has had legal abortion on demand since 1973.) Bobby J. set up a huge screen outside the mansion, and played the Planned Parenthood videos on a loop.

That, my friends, is a response. (To read a news article on this, go here.)

Now, wait a minute: A couple of months ago, I was deploring President Obama for bathing the White House in rainbow lights, after the Supreme Court decreed gay marriage. This was a grotesque spiking of the football, I thought, and a grotesque misuse of the White House.

Has Bobby J. done the same thing with the Louisiana governor’s mansion? Hmmm. Fairly close call, but I don’t think so. He set up a screen outside the home. The governor’s mansion in Baton Rouge — no offense to Louisianans — is not the same as the White House, anyway. Jindal was responding to protesters, who would certainly want to turn away from the truth those videos reveal.

Good show, Bobby J. Stirring. Imaginative. Brash. Real. Unusual. And, as I said, heart-lifting.


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