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I still think it was more, as Kate put it, disgust. Here’s a guy who is literally leading the free world–and expanding it. And he’s put up next to a guy who has never been known to do his job as senator, and he’s telling Bush how to be president. Readers I’m reading are ticked The Corner has been so down on Bush in the last 12 hours or so, but that’s because they get all that. Fencesitters who don’t realize Kerry’s record in the Senate (or lack thereof) don’t get that context yet, and that’s why the debate was a bummer for Bush.

I think people get the flip-flop thing as much as they will. Focus on the last 30 years–why doesn’t Kerry want to talk about it, etc? A few strong messages under that theme would be helpful for Bush this month, imho.


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Illegal leaks of classified information should be treated as a serious offense. But they would be easier to prevent if less information were classified.