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About That Football Match

Joe Biden weighs in: “In the spirit of a genuine Irishman, we are going to beat England.”

For Special Relationship watchers, some fodder:

The most anticipated American sports event in many years, perhaps decades, is about to take place. Since last December, many Americans have been looking forward to Saturday’s World Cup match with England in South Africa. Finally, it is happening.

Not only that, but the United States has the potential to toss a banana peel under the churning feet of the nation that invented the sport — and don’t you forget it.

The Yanks have at least a chance to gain what soccer fans call a result — a draw or a victory, a point or maybe even 3, in the traditionally slippery first match of group play.

The nicest part of Yanks-English has been the anticipation, ever since the two nations, linked by history and language and mutual needs, were paired for the first match, when strange things happen.

When it comes to soccer, I’ll quote Churchill: America, it seems, still has “sublime disinterestedness.”

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