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Our Future First Lady (I Hope)

Of Donald Trump’s vile streak, I needed no more proof. He mocked a handicapped person — physically mocked him, imitated him. He said despicable things about Megyn Kelly and Carly Fiorina. He compared Ben Carson to a child molester. (Turns out, Carson didn’t mind so much, but that’s a different story . . .)

He praised and defended Putin. He expressed the moral equivalence that one usually hears from the Left: “I think our country does plenty of killing also.”

But Trump’s antics in regard to Heidi Cruz are a new low.

I’ve known Ted and Heidi for many years. In fact, I will have a piece on this subject in the next National Review: the one that becomes available tomorrow. Furthermore, I’ll expand on that piece in my online column.

When I met Heidi, she was Heidi Nelson, an economic-policy whiz and beautiful, sporty California blonde. She had been in faraway places, on missions. She had hiked and trekked all over. She was exceptionally capable, and she was fearless.

You can see why Ted was drawn to her, and why anyone would be.

Like me and most other people, she has had highs and lows. Life has a way of being eventful. And Heidi, in my experience, has been a picture of poise, grace, and perseverance. If Ted is president, I think Americans will like him a lot — more than they know now. If Heidi is first lady, they’ll probably like her even more.

She can teach Trump, his supporters, and his apologists a thing or two about how to treat people.

I have nothing against Melania Trump. I’ve liked all of Trump’s wives. I like Trump too, for that matter, except when he’s being vile, or trying to be president.

I think Mrs. Trump No. 2 was my favorite. She was beautiful, like all of them, and I liked the way her husband said her name: “Mawla.” “Mawla, she’s turrific.”

Melania was once a model (duh). She is Slovenian, and, trust me, even an average Slovenian is attractive. You ever been to Ljubljana? There are few other places like it. Pepperdine University comes to mind. And Ole Miss.

Naturally, Melania has had racy photo shoots, and an anti-Trump PAC used one. (To read about this controversy, go here.) The Cruz campaign had nothing to do with it. But Trump lashed out at Ted, and Heidi.

I myself wouldn’t use a Melania photo for a political purpose. I think wives ought to be off-limits — until you have a 1992-style situation, in which Bill Clinton offered a “two for one” deal. For years, Clinton played a clever double-game: Hillary was his total political partner — until someone criticized her, at which time she became wifey-poo. Clinton got to play the indignant husband: “If you want to attack me, fine, but you better lay off mah wife! Pick on someone your own sahze!”

It worked very well for him. It was dishonest, of course. But it worked well, like most things Clintonian.

Anyway, I’m rooting for Heidi Cruz in this race. And her husband.



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