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About One Quarter of Sanders Donors Are Unemployed or Retired

The Los Angeles Times finds that a significant portion of Bernie Sanders donors have no income:

Condit, who has several physical disabilities, is among the largest single group of Sanders’ donors — those who don’t have a job. Of the $209 million given to the Vermont senator’s campaign, about one out of every four dollars came from those not in the workforce, who include the unemployed or retired.

Bernie Sanders has spent his campaign telling Americans that the often-cited unemployment rate around 5 percent is false; he points out, accurately, that if you include those people who have given up looking for work and the millions of people who work part time, the rate is roughly double. (Some of us have made this point for a long time!)

A core element of the Sanders campaign argument is that the economy is pretty lousy. (He blames millionaires and billionaires and big corporations instead of the Obama administration, of course.) If Hillary Clinton wants to win over these Sanders supporters, she’s going to have to start sounding like she shares, or at least understands their view that the economy stinks, jobs and opportunities are few, and that the Great Recession never ended.

Because the Republican nominee will be running around saying things like, “We’ve lost our manufacturing. Millions and millions of jobs, thousands and thousands and thousands of plants, manufacturing plants, warehouses. I mean, we are losing so much. We can’t let it happen.”

If Clinton campaigns across the country arguing that the Obama era was a time of genuine economic recovery, how many Sanders supporters will think Trump sees the economy more clearly?


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