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Gov. Romney’s answer on gays in the military was lame and illogical. If something is bad for the military in a time of war it is bad for the military the time spent preparing for war.

Bill Clinton made his move for gays in the military right after the first Gulf War. It was not right then and would be equally wrong when the current wars are brought to an end. If Romney is trying to please both sides with that answer, it won’t work with the LGBT faction or with those of us who oppose Obama’s LGBT policies for the military.

Pawlenty’s answer was pretty good, as was Rick Santorum’s — if he meant to define “it” as the new LGBT law, which should be repealed if it goes into effect. Same for Michelle Bachman, though she could have pointed out that Ron Paul voted for gays in the military twice last year, while she voted to retain the current law. Gingrich’s response was OK. But Herman Cain blew it by stepping back from a statement he made earlier this year, when he suggested that he would work to restore the current law (as always, “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” — the convoluted Clinton policy that is not a law — confuses this issue).

All that said, the candidates look great and they are impressive. 


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