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In another classic North Korean “I will not be ignored moment,” the reclusive state set off its second nuclear blast in less than three years.

A couple of quick thoughts:

Just following its recent long-range-missile test, this shows North Korea is serious about finalizing an ICBM threat.

As a result, we’re increasingly at risk.

The North Koreans have arguably challenged the Obama administration more in the first four months than they did the Bush administration over eight years.

The recent string of provocations means North Korea is clearly comfortable challenging the Obama administration. Expect more trouble — including tests — to come.  

In light of the growing North Korean ballistic-missile and nuclear threat, the need for a more robust missile defense has never been greater.

Unfortunately, the White House has gone wobbly on continued development and deployment of the missile shield for protecting the homeland against the growing problem of nuclear and missile proliferation.

  — Peter Brookes is a senior fellow at the Heritage Foundation.

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