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The Kingdom Center Tower and the skyline of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia (Faisal Al Nasser / Reuters)

I’ve recorded a Q&A with Rami Khouri. Mainly, we talk about Saudi Arabia, the murder of Jamal Khashoggi (whom he knew), and U.S.-Saudi relations. How important is Saudi Arabia to the United States? What is the role of oil? What is the nature of the Saudi government today?

Sometimes, monarchy and dictatorship blend.

Khouri is a veteran journalist. An American, he stems from an old family in Nazareth (yes, that one). He is also a proud Orangeman, i.e., a graduate of Syracuse University. In college, he reviewed a book of WFB’s, and received a nice letter from him (of course). Today, Khouri is affiliated with the American University of Beirut, the Kennedy School at Harvard, and other institutions.

In our Q&A, we talk about Turkey and Egypt, in addition to Saudi Arabia. We also talk about the Muslim Brotherhood, which is region-wide. And we address such questions as, What’s it like to be a journalist in the Middle East?

Rami Khouri has a lot of experience, and a lot to impart. Again, here.

P.S. For the latest Need to Know, with Mona Charen and me, go here. (She has broken her wrist, but plays hurt, and very well.) If you’re itching for some music — a review, at least — here is my account of Juan Diego Flórez, the Peruvian tenor, in recital at Carnegie Hall.

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