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Abu Ghraib Everywhere

It’s all Iraq troubles, all the time, in the Sunday Washington Post’s

non-national-news sections.

On H3 in the Arts section, a debate about monster movies features a picture

of the naked pyramid, with the caption, “An image from Abu Ghraib.

Hollywood’s attempts at horror pale in comparison.” (Below it, Godzilla.) On

C8, in the Metro section in an article about the Blue Angels performing at

Andrews Air Force base, the crowd reaction includes, “Like many in the crowd

yesterday, the Reeds said they strongly disapproved of the prisoner abuses

shown in the photographs from Abu Ghraib.” Discussion of the prison abuse

continues for six paragraphs. In section E, Sports, a profile of the Iraqi

soccer team that just qualified for the Olympics notes, “For Iraqi players,

it was a bittersweet affair. These are not pampered pros cut off from

tumultuous events engulfing their country; insurgency in the central and

southern parts of the country; an occupation administration that finds it

difficult to meet Iraqi expectations; and an uncertain future that haunts

Iraqis more than a year after the fall of Saddam Hussein.”

I guess later this week, Hagar the Horrible will refer to it in a punchline

and the Horoscope for Aires will warn, “you may find communicating

difficult, like those poor naked guys with the hoods on their heads.”


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