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Acetaminophen & Alcohol

I normally wouldn’t write about this sort of thing, but my post about taking a lot of Thera Flu has prompted more than a few emailers to share stories about booze and various cold and flu remedies. One fellow reccomended a hot toddy of Thera Flu and bourbon.

I do not advise this. I am not a doctor and I do not play one on TV or in the blogosphere. But my understanding is that booze and acetaminophen-based products (Tylenol, Nyquil, Thera Flu etc) do not mix. Now admittedly this is mostly advice for people who drink every day or almost every day. But acetaminophen and regular boozing can cause serious liver damage and even death. As someone who enjoys and respects his liver and the hard work it does, I’ve been wary of Tylenol et al. for quite a while. Anyway, if you’re not a regular drinker you don’t have much to fear. But if you like the sweet, sweet taste of a cocktail on a regular basis, stick with aspirin.

Note: Nothing in this post should be considered sound medical advice. Here are two websites ( 1 & 2) if you want to know more.

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