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An Achievement for Human Achivement Hour

For those put off by the anti-human nature of Earth Hour tomorrow night, Human Achievement Hour is the alternative (check out the rocking video, and don’t worry about the bloke with the funny accent). One of those achievements has actually been getting an entry up on Wikipedia about it, as it was deleted for not being notable enough with what can only be described as suspicious haste. 

In any event, if you are proud of the achievements of humanity, take some time between 8:30 and 9:30 tomorrow night to surf the net for information about great advances, watch a History Channel documentary — Modern Marvels is appropriate — on your flat-screen TV, or play the best music you know of on your sound system. Then think about how much better the lives of the poor would be if everyone in Bangladesh, Sudan, or Zimbabwe could do the same. Overall, celebrate the greatness that is humanity, and don’t let the scolds shame you into thinking the world would be better if we weren’t here.


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