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ACORN Epidemic

Apropos my earlier post, a reader responds:

By federal law, ACORN field reps are required to turn in EVERY registration form that is filled out whether they think it is fraudulent or not.

But that’s the point — like the fellow in Ohio yesterday who said he registered to vote 72 different times because the ACORN reps told him otherwise they wouldn’t get paid. If you swamp small county offices with a gazillion registrations a month before the election, you cripple the system, you make it impossible to do basic background checks, and you make it easier for all kinds of monkey business to go on.

This is why giving groups like ACORN quasi-official status is wrong. If Fred Smith wants to register to vote, Fred Smith should go to the Town Clerk’s office and do it himself. The ”CO” in ACORN stands for “community organizers”. We should be grateful to these guys for bringing to light what a phoney-baloney Orwellian concept Obama’s much vaunted “community organizing” is. Like most people, I have no wish to live in a community organized by community organizers.

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