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The Ad Wars, Quantity Vs. Quality

For a unique and informative take on how Hillary Clinton outperformed the punditry in Pennsylvania, check out this piece from Advertising Age that analyzes the ad strategies of the two campaigns. Clinton was outspent but spent her money more effectively:

“As a creative director, I loved the look of Obama’s ads and posters, but what Hillary got right is she got her message down to the most basic thought,” said Steve Red, president and chief creative officer of Red Tettemer in Philadelphia. Mr. Red is an Obama supporter.

He said the message she got across is “I am going to help the common man.”

I’ve been thinking similar thoughts as the campaigns have ramped up their ad buys in North Carolina. Obama is a constant presence on the tube, but his ads are soft and tend to fade into the background of other youth-oriented ads. Clinton’s spots are rarer but they are arresting and memorable.