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From a reader:

[I’m]Sure you’re going to hear some crap about this…but as someone with ADD, I’m thinking you might have chosen slightly clearer language when you said “moron with ADD.” I’m thinking that you were using it to try and create the image of a great pile of ignorance (“On top of the fact that you’re dumb is the fact that you have difficulty paying attention for lengthy periods of time”), but some may have thought you were trying to link the two as being the same.

Furthermore, I’d like to point out the fact that even someone with ADD should have been able to notice the constant stream of “Saddam = bad” coming out of the past three administrations over the past fourteen years or so. It’s also worth noting that people with ADD would probably have a natural inclincation towards becoming avid Corner readers, and thus should be pursued by the NRO crew at large.

For the record, I meant no offense to smart people with ADD. And I’m not sure morons with ADD will make it that far into the column. But seriously, no offense.