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Adelson Ready to Donate ‘Limitless’ Amount to Romney super PACs

Casino mogul Sheldon Adelson may have been no friend to Mitt Romney during the primary, donating $20 million to a pro-Gingrich super PAC. But with Mitt Romney now the nominee, Adelson has signaled that he is all-in behind him, donating $10 million to a pro-Romney super PAC. And that may be just the beginning of Adelson’s contributions, reports Forbes:


A well-placed source in the Adelson camp with direct knowledge of the casino billionaire’s thinking says that further donations will be “limitless.”

Adelson, who has built Las Vegas Sands into an global casino empire, will do “whatever it takes” to defeat Obama, this source says. And given that Adelson is worth $24.9  billion–and told Forbes in a recent rare interview about his political giving that he had been willing to donate as much as $100 million to his initial presidential preference, Newt Gingrich–that “limitless” description telegraphs potential nine-digit support of Romney.

While in Las Vegas at the end of last month, Romney met with Adelson — and apparently made a good impression. 

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