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Admission Standards

Back-to-back story-teasers on the website of the London Daily Mail this morning.

First story:

“I never knew my husband had become a terrorist”: Wife of British-based suicide bomber tells of her “devastation” over Stockholm attack.

Iraqi-born Taimour Abdulwahab Al-Abdaly had spent much of the last decade in Luton [north of London] where he studied for a degree and continued living there with his wife and children.

In the linked story we learn that: “Iraqi-born Taimour Abdulwahab Al-Abdaly, 28, blew up his car, then himself, in the [Swedish] capital Stockholm. And today it emerged he was thrown out of a Luton mosque three years ago for being too radical … Abdulwahab spent much of the last decade in Luton — long known as a hotbed of terrorism — where he studied for a degree and continued living there with his wife Mona Thwany and three young children.”

Second story:

Home Secretary [=U.K. Attorney General] poised to ban anti-Islam pastor [Florida-based Terry Jones] who wanted to burn Koran on 9/11 from entering UK and visiting Luton.

So those are the current standards for U.K. entry and settlement: Wacky Christian pastor who talks about burning the Koran (note: he has not actually done so) applies for visitor’s visa — Good Heavens, No! Muslim fanatic too radical for his mosque wants to settle and raise family: No prob!

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