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Adventures in Euphemism

The New York Times has really outdone itself, managing to write a full news story about a mob of blackshirts attacking Jews in New York without characterizing the events in question as a mob of blackshirts attacking Jews in New York.

To take one example, the Times reports that “the two sides . . . fought over the Trump supporters’ flags.” How does that work, I wonder: “I have a flag, here I am with my flag, and I’m going to go out and find somebody to fight over it”? Of course not. The Trump people flying the flags were attacked for flying the flags.

The Times insists that “fights erupted,” like fights just happen on their own. Political violence: just one of those things, like earthquakes or mosquitoes.

What happened in New York is that Jews were subjected to mob violence for their political beliefs. One would think that this would be of some interest to the Times, but the Times is in this case much more interested in finding a way of not reporting the plain facts of the case.


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