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Affectionately Known …

In today’s Impromptus, I have some notes on the Castro brothers’ relations with Russia, which is to say, with Vladimir Putin. Accompanying my column is a picture taken of Fidel Castro and Putin this past summer. Putin is visiting the old monster at home.

I noticed that the photo credit is “Alex Castro.” I can only assume that is Castro’s son. He has many children — nobody knows how many, but at least ten — including five with one woman, Dalia Soto del Valle. They are all sons, and their names all begin with A. They are Alexis, Alejandro, Antonio, Ángel, and Alex. Castro’s middle name is Alejandro, and that was one of his noms de guerre. Also, he apparently idolizes Alexander the Great.

Anyway, the whole point of this little blogpost is to tell you this: Some Cuban-American democracy activists refer to Castro’s sons with Dalia Soto as “the five A-holes.”


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